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For those looking for hands on experience with off-grid living, permaculture, and alternative construction methods in Dominica we offer several volunteer options at Springhold.

Long-term volunteers need to be highly motivated and willing to commit to a month or more to 5 days /wk full days of physical or skilled labor.

There are costs to bringing on volunteers, and we do have a small base fee to cover your time here. Pricing is influenced by choice of accommodation and length of stay (those staying of several months or more may be granted an additional discount). Subject matter experts who can help us develop our systems / farm are likewise offered significant discounts.

Guest Volunteering

Any guest staying at the house is welcome to participate on the farm. This participation can be as light or as intense as one desires – for as short or long as you wish. We are happy to exchange any/all information on plants/animals/systems during this time! This can be a good way to get a feel for our place, and to determine if a long-term volunteering stay is right for you.

Long Term Volunteering

Volunteers are provided three home cooked meals per day and have the option to join community outings and gatherings. Everyone participates in cooking and clean up.

Volunteering Topics

There are a variety of topics for volunteers to engage in. Volunteers may have the opportunity to participate in any of the following:

Permaculture Farm / Garden:
  • Animal (chicken, rabbit) husbandry – Feeding, cleaning, butchering!
  • Planting, chop and drop mulching, weeding garden beds
  • Hauling biomasses – bamboo, citronella, banana trees, water hyacinth, wood
  • Harvesting
  • Food preservation and cooking
  • Planting trees – Engage in syntropic farming / agroforestry design!
  • Clearing paths and managing jungle areas
  • Maintaining areas – ponds, bananas, etc
  • Observation / design ideas for more effective growing
  • Trellis and vine management
  • Drainage and water management
  • Composting and biochar making
  • Seed collection, organization and saving
  • Mixing potting soil mixes and starting seedlings
  • Building fish ponds
  • Terracing
  • Stone work
  • Wood working and carpentry – Build small and large structures!
  • Ferrocement construction
  • Learn concepts in off-grid electricity and natural spring plumbing

Volunteers here for a stay longer than a month have the chance to define and execute a project of their own.

For more information contact Robin via Telegram or Whatsapp.

Telegram: springhold

WhatsApp: +1-767-285-2299

Get involved!

We offer extensive tours as well as hands-on experiences. Get involved or volunteer!.

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