COVID Quarantine Safe in Nature


Springhold Off-grid is government-certified through the Safe in Nature program to host guests who are completing their mandatory week long quarantine on entry into the country.

Before booking your travel, and before flying, be sure to double and triple check the requirements (at Discover Dominica, and from your departure country), as they can change at the last minute!

The entry requirements

Current requirements require you to obtain a negative PCR test within 3 days or arrival, unless arriving by sailboat. At the airport you will be given a Rapid test. If negative, you will be allowed to take a COVID-certified taxi to our establishment.

If positive, you will be taken to the Portsmouth Quarantine center, which will be charged at their rates.

After 5 days, you will be taken to Roseau Health Center by COVID-certified taxi for a PCR test. The results can come in 1-3 days, so it is best to have flexible plans!

The experience at Springhold

At Springhold Off-grid, you will have open-air off-grid house and deck all to yourself. We also will cordon off an area immediately around the house for you to enjoy outside. You will have the company of hummingbirds, bananquits, and lizards. Daily watch the sun set over the ocean.

See food options for options around cooked meals. We can also do grocery shopping for you prior to your arrival -- just give us a list!

We arrange the 5-day PCR test for you, and all COVID taxis.

Let us know!

Be sure to let us know if you are quarantining!

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