Getting here is part of the adventure


Springhold Off-grid is off the beaten path. This is part of what makes it amazing, but it also means that getting here can be an adventure (especially if you’re inclined to hitchhike then walk up the hill with your bags to save money). Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

By Taxi

Any taxi can bring you to Cochrane, but very few are willing to climb our road all the way to the top. Most drivers will drop you off at the bottom of the hill (800 meters from the property). If you coordinate with us in advance we can put you in contact with one of the taxi drivers which have worked with us in the past (and who aren’t afraid to climb our road). With sufficient notice we can arrange for someone to meet you at the ferry terminal or airport as you arrive.

By Car

Springhold Off-grid is located in the mountains above Cochrane village, approximately 30 minutes from Roseau by car. There are two roads that lead to Cochrane. Locals refer to these roads as “the main road” and “the back way”. The main road originates at River Estate (a right turn at the Old Mill cultural center if you’re coming from Roseau) and arrives below Cochrane village. Turn left to pass through the village, and go all the way up to the top of the hill to arrive at the crossroad.

It is best to rent a high clearance vehicle, as the last road to Springhold is dirt / rocky.

The turn for the back way is located on the Imperial Highway just past Antrim, when coming from Canefield. If you get to Springfield River, you’ve gone too far. As you come to the turn you will see three barrels on your left and a steep road to your right. Take that road and follow it up to the top of the hill then down to a crossroad. This crossroad is above Cochrane village.

At the crossroad you will see a bright yellow and red Springhold sign high up on a telephone pole, marking the way to the property. If you come by the main road continue straight through the crossroad onto the dirt road. If arriving from the back road you will take a left turn onto the dirt road.

Once you’re on the dirt road continue straight and avoid all left turns. The last leg of the road is steep but is concrete and does not require four wheel drive. Don’t give up at this point. You’re almost there.

As you approach Springhold Off-grid you will see strange round buildings on your left (domes). If arriving by car, park either to the right or the left of the road in the pull-out areas to avoid blocking the neighbor’s access. Enter the property at a yellow and red Springhold sign, which marks the entrance.

Approximate GPS coordinates for Springhold are 15.349613,-61.355524. Don’t use the directions provided by Google Maps (they don’t work).

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