Food Options

Food Options at Springhold

Springhold Off-Grid is off the beaten path. The closest village (Cochrane) is a twenty minute walk away and offers minimal groceries. We provide an affordable on-site restaurant, grocery and community kitchen to provide a more convenient option.


Upon request, we can provide quality, delicious farm-fresh vegetarian, meat or vegan meals.
$5 to 10 U.S.D. per person per meal.

We also can provide supplemental items / snacks, such as homemade bread or super-food green smoothies.

DIY: On-site produce and grocery

If you prefer to do your own cooking, we can provide cooking basics. We also offer fresh fruits, roots, greens, and herbs from our garden, as well as sourced from nearby farms. Most times of the year, we also have eggs from our free range chickens available.

Groceries | Sample farm produce list


Bring all of your own groceries, and cook in the house kitchen.


Come stay with us!

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