Work in nature.

Be a digital nomad at a jungle permaculture farm!

For those who enjoy a down-to-earth and raw nature setting, this is a perfect place to get your digital remote work done. We offer a peaceful view of the ocean from halfway up a mountain.

Digital nomads can rent a private room in the guesthouse on a monthly basis. The kitchen, living room, deck and bathroom are shared. You'll have full access to the grounds -- common space building, gardens.

Although we are off-grid, we have exceptional WiFi via a local cell tower. Data speed is LTE : ~5 to 30 Mbps depending on time of day. We share 160 GB / month as a group, but most of this is available to guests. More data is available for purchase, if needed.

We have a strong offgrid solar system to power your computers on all but consecutive rainy days -- at night.

This is a great opportunity for those who would love to also learn or experience gardening, carpentry or ferro-cement building, farm-to-table cooking, animal husbandry, and/or bushwhacking and trail building in their free time. (But also feel free to hang out at the local waterfall or just chill!)

See information about the house, offgrid living, and permaculture farm.


$900USD / month - Private room with a single bunk bed -- For 1 person. For 2 people per room, it's $1100/month.

$750USD / month - Semi-private loft space with double bed. -- For 1 person. For 2 people in the loft, it's $900USD/month.

After the first month, there are possibilities for discounts for serious volunteers.

All stays include

  • 2.5 community farm-to-table meals / day, with access to fruit, snacks, etc. (You won't go hungry!)
  • At least 40 GB data / month
  • Free hands-on opportunities to learn and experience off-grid living and farming
  • Need a workout? We can help you out with functional fitness opportunities.

You're on your own for:

  • Transport to/from here, and getting around the island
  • Your own alcohol or smokes
  • Your quarantine / travel protocols

For this offering, please take care of your entry quarantine needs at a different Safe In Nature location! We welcome all vaccinated and unvaccinated guests.


For more information contact Robin via Telegram or Whatsapp.

Telegram: springhold

WhatsApp: +1-767-285-2299

Get involved!

We offer extensive tours as well as hands-on experiences. Get involved or volunteer!.

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